Mendenhall Ranch – Roberts County – 640 M/L Acres for Sale

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County: Roberts County

Acres: 640

Type of Land: Agricultural

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The Mendenhall Ranch consists of 640 M/L acres of the highest quality Northeast South Dakota grass, tillable, and headquarters the region has to offer. Featuring 400 M/L acres of highly improved grass adjacent to the headquarters, this grass has been seeded with alfalfa, red clover, orchard grass blends to bring hay production and maximum grazing opportunities. The entire ranch is equipped with quality 4 and 5 barb fence and is turnkey ready for grazing. With 230 M/L acres of tillable farmland, this dirt offers high percentages of Brookings-Vienna complex soils with crop rating of 80.5 & 86.3 to bring maximum production to any row crop operations. The ranch is equine ready with cowboy gates, working facilities, and is ready to facilitate 200+ cows to a new owner operator. Contact Jordan Holland for More Information (605) 809-5552

Type of Land: Agricultural

Contact Agent - Jordan Holland

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