Farm Management

AgVisors farmland management service is tailored to absentee property owners or landowners that prefer to be hands off while realizing the financial rewards of owning farmland as an investment.

AgVisors farm managers will carefully analyze your ownership goals and the land to see how we can help accomplish the plans you have for your property. How we choose operators and develop operating plans will be based on factors ranging from acceptable ROI, risk tolerance and conservation efforts.

Farm Management

Value of AgVisors Farm Management Services

  • Increasing earnings & maximize land value.
  • Finding any applicable conservation programs or easements that may fit your goals for the farm.
  • Removing emotion and stress from the leasing and management of your farm.
  • Creative lease structures to maximize revenue while also allowing operator profitability.
  • Oversight of any tiling or capital improvement projects.
  • Frequent on farm visits to maintain.
  • No unneeded strain on relationships from personally choosing tenants.
  • Year-end personalized P&L reports for income tax purposes.
  • Continual updates and reports to the clients.
  • Planting and management of wildlife food plots.

We want to help you enhance your returns and leverage your properties potential to build your legacy. AgVisors has the knowledge, passion and focus to ensure your farm is being managed to have success and provide a steady income stream for future generations.