Property Breakdown:

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Auction Date: September 27, 2022

Auction Location: Turton, SD, USA

Acres: 640

Type of Land: Agricultural

Contact Agent - Jordan Holland

Auction Details

This is a Hybrid Simulcast (Live and Online) Auction. You may read the terms of use for bidding on our website. In this auction, you will be able to place bids online beginning at 11AM on Sept 27th, and throughout the live portion of the auction at starting at 11:00 a.m. on September 27th, 2022.

Land Use: Agricultural

Sale Method: Hybrid Simulcast (Live and Online) Auction


Please make sure you have read the terms of this auction before bidding.
Bidding Starts: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 11:00:00 am CT
Live Bidding Starts: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 11:00 am CT
See individual items for exact closing times.
Location: 1, Turton, SD 57447
Bidders may freely inspect the property at any time prior to the sale. For more information or to schedule an inspection with an agent, contact Auctioneer Jordan Holland at 605-809-5552.

Condition: All tracts are sold ‘As-Is’ and all tracts are subject to any rights, CRP contracts, easements, restrictions and reservations of record and any other exceptions in the title work.
Inspection: Any bidder may inspect the property and its title at anytime. Please Contact Jordan Holland at 605-809-5552 to schedule an inspection appointment.
Purchase Agreement: Winning bidder must sign a purchase agreement in the form provided by AgVisors and deliver it along with the Earnest Money to AgVisors upon conclusion of the auction. Online and absentee bidders must sign a purchase agreement in the form provided by AgVisors and deliver it along with the Earnest Money to AgVisors within 24 hours of being declared the winning bidder.
Taxes: T1- $2,387.83, T2- $1,396.60, T3- $1,707.40, T4- $1,450.72
Earnest Money: Winning bidder must deliver 10% of the purchase price as nonrefundable Earnest Money. The payment may be in the form of wire transfer, cashier’s check, personal check, or company check. All funds will be deposited in AgVisors’ or designated closing agent's trust account until the Closing.
Closing: Closing to be performed on or before October 28th, 2022, with the exact date, location, and closing agent determined by Seller.
Contingencies: Seller will not accept contingencies of any kind. All bids are deemed cash bids and bidders must have financing approved before bidding.
Possession: Possession will be transferred at the end of the 2022 crop season or after crops are harvested in a normal customary manner. Tract 2- Possession will be delivered at closing.
Purchase Price Adjustments: Seller and buyer will equally split the closing fees and fees for an Owner's Title Insurance Policy. Buyer will pay the premium for any Mortgagee Title insurance policy and for any endorsements. Seller will pay the transfer fee and the deed preparation fee. Buyer will pay to record the deed.
Registration: Prospective bidders must register at bid.agvisorsllc.com to bid online on any tract or contact AgVisors to make other bidding arrangements. Live auction bidders will register in person the day of the sale prior to the start of the auction.
Agency: AgVisors, LLC represents the seller only.
Seller: Earnest and Sharon Rahm Trust
Real Estate Taxes: Seller will pay all taxes and special assessments assessed and in 2022 payable in 2023 and all past due taxes and special assessments. Buyer will pay taxes and special assessments assessed thereafter.
Auctioneer: Jordan Holland
Bidder Obligation: By registering to bid or placing a bid, you agree to be bound by all of these terms & conditions and any other announced terms and conditions of sale or rules of the site. Online or absentee bidders are bound by their online or absentee bids to the same extent as if the bid had been made in person at an auction. By bidding you agree to purchase the property for the gross dollars determined by final sale price. A Bidder is legally bound to purchase the Tract when AgVisors informs the Bidder that they have won the auction. By bidding you agree to be bound by and to abide by government contract or conservation program requirements and any failure to do so will obligate the Buyer to pay any fee, assessment, and penalty imposed as a result of the violation.
Bid Terms: Bidding increments are solely at the discretion of the Auctioneer. AgVisors may accept absentee bids from bidders that cannot directly participate in the auction by phone or any other method as well as reserve the right bid on behalf of the seller to meet a reserve. Video and audio recording devices will be used during the auction which may be broadcast via internet or used other places. All decisions of the Auctioneer are final. AgVisors, LLC reserves the right to utilize or change the auction method at the Seller’s discretion, at any time.

Bid Formula: Bidders must bid on the Tracts using the following formula:

BID FORMULA: Formulas do not consider additional closing cost.

TRACT 1: NW ¼ 21-118N-60W Spink Co, SD

- Your bid per acre X 160.= Total Purchase Price

TRACT 2: NE ¼ 21-118N-60W Spink Co, SD

- Your bid per acre X 160= Total Purchase Price

TRACT 3: SW ¼ 21-118N-60W Spink Co, SD

- Your bid per acre X 160= Total Purchase Price

TRACT 4: SE ¼ 21-118N-60W Spink Co, SD

- Your bid per acre X 160= Total Purchase Price

Investigation & Inspection: It is the bidder's obligation to independently investigate the Tracts and bidders must rely on their own conclusions.
Information Accuracy: All sketches, dimensions, and acreage figures are approximate. AgVisors makes no guarantee of actual dimensions or acres or its accuracy. AgVisors makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of any information provided on this website or in print. AgVisors reserves the right to change this bidder information at any time. You must check this website frequently and on the final day of the sale to ensure your bid takes into account the most recent bidder information. All announcements on sale day take precedence over any previously published announcements. The total acres in each farm will be based on the taxable acres provided by most recent county information and it is understood to be "more or less". AgVisors do not warrant any fences, if any, on the property lie on the true and correct boundaries. Any new fences will be the responsibility of the Buyer pursuant to SD law.
Bid Determination: AgVisors and the sellers reserve the right to reject any bid. Sale is subject to Executor of Estate confirmation.

Buyer's Premium: There is a 0% Buyer's Premium in effect for this auction.
All items are sold "as-is" and "where-is" with no warranties expressed or implied. Buyers in default will be charged a 15% re-listing fee based upon their high bid amount. There are no refunds or exchanges. Please bid accordingly.

Buyer's Prospectus

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Photos of Property


Information provided was obtained from sources deemed reliable, however, the broker makes no guarantee as to its accuracy. All prospective buyers are urged to inspect the property, its title, and to rely on their own conclusions. Sellers have the right to reject and any all offers.