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Auction Date: September 20, 2019

Type of Land: Agricultural

Contact Agent - Tyler Waldner

Auction Details

This is a great opportunity to add some high producing land to your operation in a great area. This land will be offered up by parcel or bid on all of them to take the whole package. The package consists of 6 tracts of very nice laying land with CPI's ranging 65- 93!!  These tracts are very close in proximity and have great farming ease with very little wasteland. Call, Text, Email for a packet or visit bid.agvisorsllc.com for more information. If you are unable to bid online, feel free to contact AgVisors and we will accommodate.

Land Use: Agricultural

Sale Method: Auction


Acres for Lease: 1,317.52
-During the length of the lease, Lessor wants the ability to run cattle on Section 5 and 7 immediately following harvest completion.
-During the length of the lease, Lessor wants the ability to run cattle on Section 17 immediately following harvest completion to April 1 (weather permitting).
-Option for the Lessee to lease out the grain bins at the home site of the Lessor. Completely separate contract will be in place.**
-If Lessee chooses to store grain in grain bags, all bags need to be off the parcels no later than February 1 of every year.
-If Lessee chooses to store grain in grain bags, the Lessor will not allow grain to be stored in bags on any part of Section 17.
-Lessee can only access Section 17 from the paved road. Using the homesite for access is not allowed.
-If farm qualifies for CSP payment, lessee and lessor will split payment 50/50.
-Lease contract will be for 3 years with one rent payment due on or before February 1 of every year. Late payments will be penalized.
-Lessor will retain all hunting rights to all parcels.
-Lessor will notify the Lessee if he/she will no longer being mowing the ditches. If Lessor decides not to mow the ditches at any point in the lease, the Lessee is responsible to mow all the ditches.
-Lessee is responsible to keep the land in the same condition or better, during the duration of this contract. Proper farming ethic is required during the duration of the lease.
-Lessor has right to reject any and all bids.
-Bidding Begins: September 9, 2019
-Bidding Ends: September 20, 2019
-Lease will be executed within 3 business days.
Owners: Hans Solheim, Tony and Denise Solheim

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Information provided was obtained from sources deemed reliable, however, the broker makes no guarantee as to its accuracy. All prospective buyers are urged to inspect the property, its title, and to rely on their own conclusions. Sellers have the right to reject and any all offers.